Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Writing Unit

Dear third grade family,

Our class is about to begin a Writer’s Workshop unit on Personal Narratives.  A personal narrative is a story about an actual incident in the writer’s life told in the first person point of view.  During this unit we will read and analyze published personal narratives (as examples), and your child will have the opportunity to brainstorm, draft, revise and edit, and publish his/her own personal narrative.

This is an exciting unit for the children, as they get to explore their own real life experiences to learn how writers draw on their own experiences.   

For example, I may choose to write about my experience of learning to ride a bike. I could bring a photograph of me riding my bike.

We’d like you to help your child choose an experience to write about.  If possible, please send a photograph that may help inspire your child as he/she writes their personal narrative. Please fill out and return the attached form by Monday, October 12.  

Ideas to help your child consider when selecting a topic:
  • Is this an event I recall well enough to write about? (The student needs to be able to remember the event.)
  • What are some details I can tell about this event? (Brainstorm those together at home.)

Event/Topic Ideas:
  • Getting a family pet
  • A vacation or trip
  • A memorable baseball game (or any sport)
  • A time I was injured or hurt (ex. when I broke my leg or got my tonsils out)
  • Being in a  wedding
  • Building a snowman with my family
  • Birth of  baby brother/sister
Child’s Name:
Personal Narrative Topic

I will write about:

Some details I remember about this event are:




Attach a photo if available - can be a photocopy or printout (or you can email me a digital copy of your child’s photo and I will print it)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bowie visits!

Bowie came to hang out during reading 

Friday, September 18, 2015


Sept. 18, 2015

Dear Families,
We have a busy week ahead of us…
Thursday 24th is our field trip to Foster Woods. We will leave after lunch and be back about 2:50. The students need to wear jeans and tennis shoes or boots.
Thursday the 24th is also Wellman Elementary Literacy Night. There will be a meal and guest speaker. Please join us.
Friday the 25th, we will be doing our tye-dye shirts after lunch.
We will also be making Flat Stanleys. We read the book, Flat Stanley during literacy. We will be writing letters and mailing him across the United States. Your child will need an address to mail his/her Stanley. Please send an address of someone that will take Stanley on adventures (new places to us like work, school, parks, etc.), take photos, send brochures or postcards, and tell about where they live. The person then sends Stanley back to us at school.

Thank You! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

PBIS Award

Peighton chose to read with Bowie for her PBIS award. He had fun visiting 3B❗️����

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Homecoming (Sept. 14-18) Dress Up Days to Show Our MP School Spirit:

Monday: America/USA Day (wear your red, white, and blue!)
Tuesday: Dot Day (polka dots to celebrate the day)
Wednesday: Class Color Distinction (see grade levels below)
PreK:  Wear purple
K:        Wear red
1st:      Wear blue
2nd:   Wear orange
3rd:    Wear yellow
4th:    Wear green
5th:    Wear black

Thursday:  Pajama Day (PJs all day long!)
Friday:  MP School Spirit Day (wear your Black and Gold to support our Golden Hawks!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Working with 3A

It was fun learning names in 3A